OUR VISION...To provide a life-transforming fellowship with Christ.

OUR MISSION...To inspire the transformation of all persons to be followers of Jesus Christ and thereby discover, renew and deepen relationships with God, ourselves and others.
Ashrams Happening SOON!

Wesley Woods Christian Ashram  
April 26th     Wesley Woods Christian Education Ctr- Grand Valley, Pennsylvania

Sat Tal Christian Ashram     
May 15th-29th    (English) OR  June 1st-14th (Hindi)SatTal, India

Colorado Christian Ashram
May 16th-18thGlacier Lodge in Estes Park, Colorado

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Prayer is not only the refuge of the weak; it is the reinforcement of the strong.
~ from "How to Pray" by E. Stanley Jones

North Louisiana Christian AshramJanuary 16-18, 2014First United Methodist Church in West Monroe, Louisiana

Virginia Winter Christian Ashram February 14-16, 2014     Spring Grove, Virginia

California Winter Christian Ashram    February 15-17, 2014     Camp Maranatha in Idlywild, California

Epps UMC Christian AshramMarch 22, 2014Epps United Methodist Church in Epps, Louisiana

Wesley Woods Christian Ashram   April 26, 2014    Wesley Woods Christian Education Center in Grand Valley, Pennsylvania

Sat Tal Christian Ashram      May 15-29, 2014 (English) and June 1-14, 2014 (Hindi)SatTal, India

Colorado Christian AshramMay 16-18, 2014Glacier Lodge in Estes Park, Colorado

Redwood Christian Ashram    June 29-July 4, 2014     Redwood Christian Park in Boulder Creek, California

Bridgewater Christian AshramJuly 7-10, 2014   James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia

Iowa-Nebraska Christian Ashram  July 7-10, 2014  Midland Lutheran University in Fremont, Nebraska

Kansas Christian Ashram  July 16-19, 2014Sterling College in Sterling, Kansas

Central Ontario Christian AshramJuly 18-20, 2014Jackson's Point in Ontario, CANADA

Texas Christian Ashram    July 19-24, 2014Scottsville Camp and Conference Center in Scottsville, Texas

Keuka Christian Ashram   July 20-25, 2014Keuka College in Keuka, New York

British Columbia Christian Ashram   July 25-27, 2014Pacific Summit Park in Abbotsford, British Columbia CANADA

Midwest Christian Ashram     July 29-August 1, 2014  Luther College in Decorah, Iowa

Mountaineer Christian Ashram    July 31-August 3, 2014  Parchment Valley Conference Center, Ripley, West Virginia

New Brunswick Christian AshramAugust 7-10, 2014Beulah Campground in Brown's Flat, New Brunswick CANADA

Minnesota Christian Ashram  August 7-10, 2014St. John's University in Collegeville, Minnesota

Alberta Christian Ashram  August 22-24, 2014  Deer Valley Meadows in Alix, Alberta CANADA
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